Picture Framing Hangers

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What are Picture Framing Hangers?

Picture framing hangers are attached to the back of a picture, then hung from a hook or screws on a wall. Picture framing hangers were first manufactured in Germany during the 19th century. They were developed as an alternative to nails – the reason being that nails can easily scratch walls, paint or wallpaper and leave unsightly holes.

M&N Supplies sells picture hangers that come in a variety of styles and a variety of materials.

Types of picture framing hangers

There are several options for picture hanging. At M&N we sell the following types of picture frame hangers:

Ring Picture Framing HangerRing Hanger – A ring hanger is the most favoured type of hanger that allows a picture to hang flat against the wall. It is triangular or D-shaped, and available in various sizes to support all types of picture frames large and small.

Picture Hanging WirePicture Hanging Wire – Picture wire is usually used to suspend a very heavy frame. The wire is wrapped around eyelets, super steel hangers, euro hangers, or even ring hangers that are attached to both ends of the picture frame. There is some slack in the wire which allows it to be hung from a hook that is secured in the wall. M&N Supplies sells three types of hanging wire – stranded stainless steel, plastic-coated stainless steel, and twisted brass.

Picture Hanging CordPicture Cord / Tape – Instead of wire, a lightweight picture frame can be hung using a plaited nylon cord or tying tape that is tied or stapled to the frame.

Sawtooth picture framing hangerSawtooth Picture Hanger – A sawtooth hanger is best suited to a lightweight frame. It is screwed or hammered into the back of a picture frame. The ridges allow for some flexibility in positioning a picture on the wall, especially useful for achieving equal spacing amongst several pictures.

foamboard frame hangerFoam Board Hanger – A foam board hanger is ideal for hanging an unframed picture that is mounted on foam core or other lightweight backing board. It has metal prongs that are pressed into the back of the board that lock the hanger in place, without needing screws or nails.

French Cleat Picture Frame HangerFrench Cleat Hanger – The French Cleat hanging system holds heavy picture frames and mirrors very securely without the need for a stud. It comprises interlocking brackets – one of which is mounted on the back of a frame, and the other fastened to the wall. These then slide together and will not sway. Read more about the Hanging Bar/Z Bar or the patented Hangman Wall Hanger.

Gallery Picture Hanging SystemGallery Picture Hanging System – We also sell a unique Australian made and designed CT & SSC hanging system. It enables pictures to be hung by clear tape or stainless steel cables that are attached to aluminium tracks high up along the wall near the ceiling. This system is particularly beneficial for hanging multiple pictures of different sizes that are changed often.

Complete Picture Hanging and Mounting Solutions

M&N Supplies sells picture hanging kits and even ready-made frames that include glass, foam board and hanging hardware.

If you need assistance in determining the best picture framing hangers for your project, our friendly support team is here to help.