What are Picture Hanging Hooks?

Picture hanging hooks are used to support picture frames that hang from them on a wall. Picture frame hanging hooks are designed to prevent scratches to paint, or wallpaper tears.

How to hang pictures using picture hooks

Before you attempt to hang a picture on a wall, always ensure that you select a picture hook that can support the weight of the picture frame. Also, examine the wall surface – if it is of plasterboard, it may not be able to bear the weight of a heavy frame. If you are in doubt, fasten the picture frame hook directly to a stud within the wall. With masonry walls, drill a hole, insert a wall plug, then screw the hook into the plug. Next, turn the frame over and examine the type of hanger that is fitted to the frame. Then, carefully place the frame against the wall over the hook and gently slide it down, until the hook catches the hanger on the back.

Here are some tips for hanging pictures:

  • Hang pictures at eye level (from the most likely viewing distance).
  • Measure the picture frame accurately, then measure the wall space. Plan where precisely the picture hook should be placed, so that the picture frame has a balanced spacial appearance around it.
  • Consider the space of the wall covered by furniture, and also if picture viewing may be obstructed.
  • Hang paintings out of direct sunlight.

We recommend hanging a picture from two points on a wall instead of one. This will help prevent a picture from shifting off-centre over time due to vibrations within the wall.

Types of picture hanging hooks

At M&N Supplies, we sell the following types of picture hooks:

Cavity Picture Hanging HooksSingle/Double Drive Cavity Hook – This is the most common type of hook used on a cavity or plasterboard wall. It is cleverly designed to prevent damage to the walls, as the nail is driven through the hook at an angle into the wall.

Wall Picture Hanging HookWall Hook – A better alternative to just using a screw, a wall hook is countersunk into the wall, so it looks neater. Being tightly screwed in, it can support a heavier weight.
Brass Plate Picture HookPlate Hook – This is a heavy-duty hook meant for supporting a very heavy picture frame.
Moulding Picture Frame HooksMoulding Hook – An S-shaped hook that is designed to hang a picture or mirror from a picture rail. Most picture frame hooks are made of brass. Some are also chrome, zinc or bronze-plated. Our hooks are very durable, unlike plastic hooks which tend to break quite easily.
If you are unsure about making a selection from our range of picture hanging hooks, contact the M&N Supplies team who shall gladly assist.